Braskem Labs presents selected entries for acceleration program

In this year's edition, Braskem Labs Scale had a category with an emphasis on reducing loss and food waste

The fourth edition of Braskem Labs Scale, a company acceleration program conducted in partnership with ACE, elected three consecutive times as the Best Startup Accelerator in Latin America by Latam Founders, selected 10 companies to participate in the training that will be offered this year. In total, 150 entries were registered.

The selection was based on criteria such as capacity for innovation, market potential, profile of the entrepreneur and the team involved, business model, and the socio-environmental impact. The program selects companies with sustainable and innovative solutions related to chemistry or plastics and has a special category that aims to address solutions to societal challenges. In 2018, it opened space for businesses that offer contributions to reducing food waste, without necessarily involving plastics or chemistry.

In the coming months, those selected will be participating in mentoring sessions by Braskem and ACE professionals seeking improvements in their business. In the final stage, they will be able to conduct a presentation on a Demo Day to a group of entrepreneurs, investors, investment banks and other market players in search of capitalization and partnerships. In the 2017 edition of the program, 60% of the participating companies received investments or are in advanced conversations with investors.

"The program is improved every year, and I am confident that we have developed an acceleration model that can contribute immensely to the selected companies, generating a greater impact for society and the environment," said Luiz Gustavo Ortega, Leader of Sustainable Development at Braskem.

Learn more about the selected companies:


Company Description
Arla Fácil It develops complete production machines for Arla 32, reducing costs through the marketing of equipment and services, making the product available to end consumers.
Nanometallis  It develops technological PVC with nanoparticles functionalized with bactericidal and fungicidal action, which increases the shelf life of processed and natural foods, reduces food waste, and contributes to food safety and public health.

Rio Grande do Sul

Company Description
Silo Verde A silo for storage systems produced from recycled plastic materials.

Rio de Janeiro

Company Description
Toalet Descartável Toalet Descartável is a pocket toilet for moments of need and consists of plastic bag for collection of urine and vomit, instantly transforming the liquids into  gel and minimizing odors.



São Paulo

Company Description
Ávitus An aerodynamic solution that provides efficiency to road transportation through reduced fuel consumption, emissions and tire wear, with improved stability in trucks and buses.
Intelligent Foods IF has developed a food preservation process that expands shelf life without the use of preservatives or chemical additives while maintaining the original characteristics of food without requiring the use of refrigeration. With this technology, ready-to-eat foods can be stored at room temperature.
Morada da Floresta It produces and markets products made with proprietary technology for the composting of organic residues at the residential (Humi) and corporate level.
Triciclos TriCiclos develops customized solutions for several players in the production of consumer items and the waste chain for recycling. We are a Redesign company and encourage companies and society to transform the way they relate to what they consume and discard. We have developed a methodology for managing points of voluntary delivery of solid waste and an infrastructure designed to engage and educate the municipalities that use it.
Polynano It develops polymers that stabilize and waterproof soil without requiring asphalt coating, seeking alternatives that replace the traditional asphalt coating process. They do not harm the environment and are biodegradable.
Biosoftness   A spray that, when applied to clothes, propagates nanocapsules that prevent the proliferation of bacteria, reducing laundry cycles, saving 10 times more water and increasing the durability of garments, which remain always hygienic. For hospitals, it helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria and is able to reduce hospital infection rates.





About Braskem
With a global, human-oriented vision of the future, Braskem's 8,000 members strive every day to improve people's lives by creating sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics. It is the largest resin producer in the Americas, with an annual output of 20 million metric tons, including basic chemicals and petrochemicals, and R$50 billion in revenue in 2017. It exports to Customers in approximately 100 countries and operates 41 industrial units, located in Brazil, the United States, Germany, and Mexico - the latter in partnership with Mexico-based company Idesa.

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