Braskem Design Challenge awards Fine Arts students

Design students from several universities in São Paulo created a multifunctional appliance in the competition that lasted two months and featured a Web series showing all the steps

Last Thursday (12/13), the last episode of the sixth edition of the Braskem Design Challenge, which announced the winners of this year, was aired on YouTube. Three students from the Fine Arts University Center of São Paulo ranked first after creating the best design of an innovative and multifunctional drinking fountain from plastic, demonstrating how it is a noble, versatile, and adaptable material. The design will be manufactured by Esmaltec, a partner of the Challenge.

The winning trio formed by students Felipe Lima, Vinícius Cossovan and Lucas Lima, was titled "Colisa." "We are very happy with the quality and content we have achieved with our project. We used everything we had available, both emotionally and physically, and came up with a very good result," said Lucas Lima.

In this 6th edition of the action, in partnership with Fetiche Design, owned by designer Paulo Biacchi, besides the winner, the universities FAAP, IED, Instituto Mauá, Mackenzie, São Judas and USP participated and were given, for two months, immersion and training sessions under the mentorship of Biacchi himself, as well as designers Marcos Worms and Nicole Tomazi, and training by other professionals in the area, to develop a new solution for the appliance market.

Ana Laura Sivieri, Institutional Marketing manager at Braskem, explained that the program was once again a success. "We have a very interesting interaction in social media. People from different areas and sectors comment on the posts, rooting for a given team or expressing what they found of a given product or challenge. This edition was a major success," she said. "Through the Design Challenge, we have been able to train future professionals to work with new possibilities of this raw material, reinforcing the importance of the correct application and post-consumption of the products," he concluded.

To watch the last episode or follow the whole series, just subscribe to the channel or visit Paulo Biacchi's channel.

About the Braskem Design Challenge
The Design Challenge was created with the aim of presenting plastic to future architects and designers as a versatile and adaptable material, which enables diverse solutions and applications, opening the way to new professional opportunities. In its sixth edition, the program's priority is to provide students with a market development experience, while fostering a new mindset and new paradigms regarding the use of plastic.

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