Braskem announces new brand campaign

In line with its global strategy, "Paixão por transformar" ("Passion for Transforming") is the theme that guides the company's communication materials

Braskem is presenting the new institutional campaign that will be guiding its communications. Inspired by human values, the film entitled "Paixões Reais" ("Real Passions") shows how the company is present in the lives of people, revealing their inspirations to innovate and transform different realities.

The campaign follows the creative concept "your passion inspires our passion for transforming." In the film, it is possible to see how the "passion for discoveries" inspire the company to go further, exemplifying projects such as Printing the Future, Braskem's partnership with Made in Space, a leading U.S. company in the development of 3D printers that enables impressions in this format at the International Space Station (ISS) using as raw material the Green Plastic, made from sugarcane, that is, from a renewable source. In addition, the advertising materials present other situations that value the human side, present in the essence of the company.

"We are a young company, which will be celebrating its 16th anniversary this month, but already has had major achievements in its history. None of this would be possible without the passion for transforming, which moves our Members and inspires us to create innovative and sustainable solutions through chemistry and plastic," said Claudia Bocciardi, Marketing Director at Braskem.
Created by the agency Africa, the campaign will be aired on broadcast and paid TV channels, newspapers, magazines, websites and social networks until the end of 2018. The launch of the TV commercial was made during the break of the newsmagazine Fantástico, of TV Globo, last Sunday (5/8).

Title: Paixões Reais
Agency: Africa
Advertiser: Braskem
Product: Institutional
 CCO: Sergio Gordilho
Creative Directors: Sibely Silveira and Samir Mesquita
Editing: Fernanda Machado
Art Directors: Leonardo Azevedo and Alexandre Nascimento

Production/agency: Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Melito and Valdir dos Santos
Service: Marcio Santoro, Paula Coelho, Mariana Ferreira and Bruna Romano
Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira, Francisco Custódio, Raphaella Araujo, Norberto Ioavasso and Larissa Francisco
Planning: Rodrigo Maroni, Vitor Amos, Isabela Ayub and Glaucia Martins Guerra
Insights: Eduardo Berardinelli, Marina Salles and Asaph Luccas
Image Producer: BossaNovaFilms
Director: Georgia Guerra-Peixe (Joca)
Service: Kiska Kaysel, Dani Harriz and Fernanda Ragazzi
Executive Producer: Edu Tibiriça and Eliseo "Gringo" Alvarez
Director of Photography: Thiago Beck
Art Directors: Karla Salvoni Moreira and Marilia Salva Rocha Franco
Assembly: Daniel Crepaldi and João Macfarland
Finisher: Rosana Felix
Finishing: BossaNovaFilms Team
Color: Psycho N'Look
Producer / Sound: Antfood
Service / Sound: Renato Castro and Christiane Rachel
Conductor / Production: Lourenço Schmidt and Vinicius Nunes
Voiceover: Fernando Nobre
Approval / Client: Marcelo Arantes, Claudia Bocciardi, Ana Laura Sivieri, Ana Luiza Leite and Claudia Fontana

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