Diversity and Inclusion

Braskem offers opportunities for all people: learn more about the initiatives of empowerment, inclusion and fight against prejudice promoted by the company.

Braskem’s mission to contribute to a better society for present and future generations also includes the issue of Human Rights. This means that the company has been working to become increasingly inclusive and welcoming, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone through a Diversity & Inclusion Program. The objectives of the program are to ensure a working environment that is free of prejudice and discrimination, in which each person can be who they really are.

Our actions are guided by initiatives of which we are signatories and which offer guiding principles of work. On the front of gender, we are guided by the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) of the UN Women and the Global Compact; on the front of race and ethnicity, we are guided by the Pro Gender and Racial Equity Program of the Brazilian Federal Government; and on the LGBT front, we are guided by the principles of the Companies and LGBT Rights Forum, an initiative in which we were the first major Brazilian company to become a signatory.

In addition to the actions that are developed cross-sectionally, i.e., addressing the subject as a whole, we have actions based on four work fronts, with an emphasis on the inclusion and empowerment of historically minor groups.



Through the Young Apprentice Program, Braskem seeks to include young people from 18 to 24 years of age, in situations of social vulnerability, offering the first employment opportunity and the development of education by and for work.

Gender Equity


Promoting gender equality through actions that involve the empowerment of women and equal opportunities.

Race and Ethnicity


Promoting a work environment that is free of discrimination based on race and ethnicity and promote the inclusion and empowerment of the black population.

People with Disabilities


Promoting an inclusive work environment and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.



To promote an inclusive work environment, free of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, which guarantees equal opportunities and rights.

Below is a list of some Braskem figures

22% of women
50% of women in the
University and Technical Internship Programs
26% of women in
Base: february/2018
29% of blacks*
33% of blacks* in the
University and Technical Internship Programs
12% of blacks* in
Base: february/2018 *The black population refers to people who declare themselves to be black or brown.

In 2017, the Diversity and Inclusion Working Groups were launched, as well as the three groups (Race and Ethnicity, Gender, and LGBTQIA+), composed of 30 Members, each from all regions where Braskem operates in Brazil. The goals of the working groups are to promote the dissemination of the appreciation of diversity among the different areas of Braskem, to support and propose Diversity actions within each action line, to develop strategies for engaging Members, and to monitor diagnostics and indicators.